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Cellular Service Campaign

We are all proud of our FPLA’s success in protecting our lake. To build on our accomplishments, FPLA will take a more active role in advocating for the betterment and general welfare of our lake community. The first focus is improving cell phone service coverage. Please join your FPLA Board in raising our voices to bring attention to the poor cell service on Franklin Pierce Lake and Route 9. Everything you need to be part of this effort is provided here – who to contact and example letter. We are starting this campaign immediately. There is power in numbers and we are 230 households strong. With a focused effort, we are certain we can work together to bring reliable service to our area.

Based on feedback from our members, the lack of cell coverage is a primary concern. Cell service is a necessary utility and access to emergency services on and around our highly active lake and Route 9 is unreliable. This will be a multifaceted effort by the FPLA to gain total coverage on and around the lake. Number one priority is addressing the existing cell tower at the Antrim end of Franklin Pierce Lake that has not improved service due to lack of wireless provider presence. Yes – that is correct. Not a single provider is using this tower. To that end, we are asking our members, along with your Board, to reach out to key contacts to bring our lack of service and underutilized tower to their attention.

Click Here for example letter and contact list. If you know of other influential persons, contacts with providers or others that could help, the board would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, email

Your Board thanks you in advance for acting now to help our community.


The Board of Directors of the Franklin Pierce Lake Association

Cell Phone On-line Petition.   An email earlier this month announced that the FPLA will prioritize improved cell phone coverage on and around the lake. We have added a simple way for you to show you agree that better cell phone coverage is an important safety concern for our members.  Please take a moment to sign the online petition, which we will present to town and local officials when we have sufficient signatories.   The link to the petition is  When the petition web site asks you to contribute financially, feel free to decline.  The petition site will also ask you if you would like to share with anyone.  We encourage you to forward the petition to family and friends.  The more signatures we can gather, the more impact the petition will have so please pass it along!

View of cell tower from entry to Wheeler’s Cove. Tower located off of Pierce Lake Road.


PO Box 1836

Hillsborough, NH 03440


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